I have been trusting Dr. Andrew Sulatycki for my chiropractic care for several years now. Dr. Andrews treatments melt away everyday muscle tightness and pain that builds up in my upper back and shoulder region. After a treatment I feel the energy within my body moving again renewing my mental clarity and allowing me to go about my daily routines much happier.I have also sought Dr. Andrews chiropractic treatments during my pregnancy to alleviate the temporary resulting aches and pains and postnatal. Dr. Andrew was able to treat me for a mysterious partial loss of hearing that made my head feel like I was underwater….within days of his chiropractic treatment paired with acupuncture my hearing returned to normal. I never looked elsewhere for answers for my hearing loss….instead I went striaght to Dr. Andrew.I would highly recommend a Chiropractic Doctor as a main component to your overall health; their knowledge and care should never be overlooked or underestimated as their understanding of the body as a unit rather than its individual parts is key. I am currently excited to soon be getting my custom made orthotics back from the lab which Dr. Andrew has moulded for me…I know they will be my best pair ever and I will be feeling great this year. Thank-you Dr. Andrew for your genuine care! – Kristen F

I have been suffering with back pain which at times felt like a hot knife being stuck into my back muscles, along with this I have had pain shooting down my legs. I found it difficult to sleep, walk or sit and my normal work outs at the gym have become ordeals. I have missed weeks of work as a fire fighter which is a job I love and hate to miss any time from. Dr. Guy has performed Acupuncture, Active Release Therapy and manipulation to get me back to my usual healthy pain free self. Thank you Dr. Guy; you are a life saver. – Ken G

Been seeing Dr Andrew for about a year now. I’m 27 and have had somewhat chronic lower back pain for about 2 years. I went to a few other chiropractors/phyio’s and didnt get quite the treatment or hands on help that i am currently getting from TRCC. He’s honest, knows his stuff, shows you exactly what he’s talking about in all his textbooks and if you follow his recommendations of rehab exercises and stretches, you -will- get better πŸ™‚ Also been seeing Sarah Floyd at the same clinic for massage treatments. she packs a lot of punch in a small amount of woman! Both highly recommended!!


Dr. Andrew has treated my chiropractic issues for a few years now and he is a highly skilled practitioner: precise and thorough, informative and friendly, and always professional and respectful. The office staff are friendly and efficient: I would recommend Thornhill Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Centre to anyone who needs short, mid, or long-term care. – Risa H


I have had lower back pain for approximately 20 years and have tried physiotherapy with no luck. Dr. Justin Guy took the time to discuss Acupuncture and how it will work, so I thought I would give it a try. I was very skeptical about Acupuncture and if it would work on my lower back but after as little as 3 treatments I found that it actually works. I am very grateful for Dr. Justin Guy taking the time to sit with me and discuss Acupuncture. Thank you. –  Christina M


The TRCC health team has been incredibly helpful and has played an integral role in my recovery. When I walk into the clinic, I am immediately greeted by exceptional administrative staff, who take the time to say hello and make friendly conversation, which truly goes a long way. I have been struggling with chronic pain in by back and shoulder, as well as having some nerve issues on the side. Being young and active, having these injuries sprung on me was a huge blow- I often walked into the clinic completely at a loss physically, and subsequently mentally. In terms of practitioners- I can honestly say that I have seen every single chiropractor, massage therapist, physio therapist and ND that the clinic has to offer. Each and every person has taken a true interest in me as a person, and have proven to be vested in my health and recovery. I feel so fortunate to be a patient at a clinic that takes a *team* approach toward their patient’s treatment plan- often consulting with one another to find the best fit for me, which ultimately enhances my experience and personal gain. Dr. Andrew has taken the time to discuss my progress or check up on my condition, even though I was there for another appointment. He will take the time to stop by the waiting area and say hello and ask how I’m doing. Dr. Andrew is very knowledgeable, personable, professional, and he is helpful in using pictures of the muscular/skeletal system to educate me and give me insight into what I’m experiencing. Physio Therapist Jackie has helped in giving me some of my confidence back, and has encouraged me to continue pushing with my exercises and overall recovery. Massage Therapists Asha and Sara are wonderful- warm personalities, amazing technique, extremely knowledgeable, and they understand where my pain is, where it is stemming from, and provide me with tips and exercises to alleviate the pain. I would not look anywhere else for a rehabilitative clinic- I have all that I need at TRCC! – Lauren G


I have experienced the healing wonders of the TRCC for many years. Initially, the restorative powers of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments under the care of Dr. Andrew enabled me to return to pain-free activities after a pulled shoulder muscle. The onset of senior citizenship heralded degenerative discs and sciatica. Jackie’s broad range of physio-therapeutic treatments and excercises in tandem with very soothing and muscle-relaxing sessions of massage therapy with Sarah advanced me to my present regime of chiropractic and acuncture treatments with Dr. Justin Guy. I am now able to shun the transit system and walk, pain free, to and from work, as well as to and from the clinic. Whenever I have the opportunity to boast about the excellent health care system in my community, TRCC and the Thornhill Medical Clinic are the primary reasons for my pride. – Frank B


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