What is Fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that holds the body together.  It is an incredibly strong 3-dimensional network that provides form and structure to every cell in the body yet allows us to move and flex.  People often think of the skeleton as being the ‘frame’ of the body, however it is in fact the fascia that ‘holds’ the skeleton.  Fascia includes the sheets, bands and sacs that wrap and contain muscles, bones and organs.   Fascia also encompasses tendons, ligaments, bursae, and the membranes of the nervous system.

Healthy fascia is pliable which allows us to move and flex with ease.  However under stress, fascia thickens, tightens, and loses its ability to soften, stretch, and flex.  It is important to understand that fascia can contract independent of muscular activity and it does so as a reaction to stress.  It is densely populated with receptors and nerve endings, and can therefore transmit pain especially when it is restricted and adhered.

Fascial restriction can be caused by the following stressors:

  • Trauma/ accidents
  • Long-term illness
  • Unresolved injuries/recurring injuries
  • Physical and mental habits
  • A sedentary lifestyle

Fascial restriction can lead to:

  • Long-term pain
  • Congestion and unresolved swelling
  • Weakness
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Joint restrictions
  • Poor breathing/shortness of breath
  • Poor posture and mental state


A Fascial Remodeling treatment opens, softens, and releases the restrictions in the fascia with the help of positional and conscious breathing techniques.  When it is performed effectively, Fascial Remodeling works at the level of tension found in the body and gradually eliminates it.  At the end of each session, most clients feel an immediate increase in the range of motion of their joints, less restriction and/or pain, and a greater state of relaxation.

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