By Jackie Grunebaum. Physiotherapist, Pelvic Physiotherapy Specialist

So the big question I get is: How do I know if I need Pelvic Floor Physio

Basically, if you are experiencing any form of leakage, frequency or urgency, with respect to bowel movements or urinating, you do. If you have a prolapse, an internal organ that is basically falling out of you or causing pressure and/or pain and discomfort, you do. If you are experiencing increased urinating at night, pain with sex, or really any internal or external pain of the pelvic region, you do. Most people don’t realize that they can get help with these issues, and pelvic physiotherapy is extremely effective at dealing with them.

The short answer is, if you are having any of the problems mentioned above, and are concerned about them it is definitely worth your time to come in and have a consultation. I will do my best to determine if pelvic physiotherapy can help, and make a difference.

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