Several features combine to create the infamous bunions that are the plague of every woman who loves to wear tight fashion shoes. Like many of our physical features, bunions tend to be inherited, but get worse with time. Severe unions can be seen even in a 12 year old, and are more common in females. The shape of the foot however does not usually have much to do with the pain of the bunion. Bunion pain is most often caused by the wider foot and its prominent bump rubbing against the side of the shoe. The bursa (a small, flat, fluid filled sac that lies just below the skin on the outside of the bump), becomes inflamed and thickened. Even shoes that you once thought were loose may be tight enough to create a great deal of pain, but the bump makes fitting tight shoes very difficult. Bunions formation is likely accelerated by over-pronation because of the excessive weight placed on the big toe joint during the push-ff phase of gait, forcing the toe to further inward movement. It is advised to have this looked at early whish will lessen the chance of having to undergo surgery for it. Conservative treatment options include; Acupuncture, Low level laser therapy, Kinesiotaping, Orthotics, wearing wide-toes shoes, and stretching the Achilles tendon.


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