Athletic Therapy

What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic therapists adhere to the Sports Medicine Model of care. This model focuses uncovering the root cause of the problem and providing effective treatment to not only fix the issue but also prevent similar problems in the future. The scope of practice of a Certified Athletic Therapist starts with the in-depth knowledge, education and training in the areas of the human musculoskeletal system, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and basic emergency care.*

Athletic Therapists treat a wide range of patients, whether it’s athletes with sports injuries, from kids with concussions to seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery, using various manual therapies, electrical modalities, exercise prescription as well as bracing and taping support. The treatment styles can vary but the objective doesn’t: an Athletic Therapist’s goal is to help people return to their usual daily activities, whether that means playing competitive sports or walking to the mailbox and back.*


Insurance Coverage:

All major insurance providers and many sporting organizations in Ontario will cover Athletic Therapy services. However each individual extended health coverage plan is different. Always check your plan information to see if you have coverage. If you would like information on how you can get Athletic Therapy added to your extended health benefits plan or how to put through a claim with your sporting organization please speak with Sarah Rabinovitch.

AthletesCAN members can purchase extended health insurance.
Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP) offers benefits at an affordable price to members (coaches, athletes, managers, officials) of a sporting body, provincial team or any established teams or clubs.